25 - 27 October, 2016
Novotel Berlin Am Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany

Dr. Mark Hixon

Senior Fellow, Modeling & Simulation
Takeda Pharmaceuticals, USA

14:30 Repurposing Suzuki coupling reagents as a directed fragment library targeting serine hydrolases and related enzymes

  • Boronic acids are isosteres of serine hydrolase catalytic intermediates

  • Research institutions possess hundreds of chemically diverse boronic acid synthons because of Suzuki chemistry

  • Screening a library composed of these synthons against serine hydrolases produces high quality hits (LE > 0.6)

  • The boron-serine point of attachment facilitates an understanding the SAR

08:30 Workshop A - Interaction of screening, data analysis, library design and medicinal chemistry

  • Compound Management

  • Overview about Screening Technologies

  • Screening Data Analysis

  • Library concepts of own synthesized compounds

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